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B Series Heavy-load Industrial Gear Reducer

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Saar
Model Number B Series Heavy-load Industrial Gear Reducer
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T

Product Features

Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics components resource. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience in supplying hydraulic pumps, valves,cylinders,filters,filter elements,Oil coolers. B series Heavy-load Industrial Gear Reducer Specifications Flender 90 Degree Bevel Gear Reducer B Series For steel mills, sugar mills, cement factories, seamless steel pipe factory Ordering Code: Product Description Flender 90 Degree Bevel Gear Reducer B Series Product Overview 1, The H/B general design scheme of gear box. Can meet customer demand for gear box industry special variant. 2, parallel shafts, straight axis, vertical, horizontal universal body parts to reduce the types, specifications, increase. 3, the sound box structure and body surface area is larger, the spiral bevel gear adopts advanced lapping process and a big fan of making machine temperature, noise reduction, the reliability of operation is improved, the transmission power. 4, input methods: motor flange, shaft input. 5, output mode: solid shaft, hollow shaft with a key, shrink disc. 6, installation: horizontal, vertical, swinging base, torque arm type. 7, H, B series products are 1-22 type specifications reducer series, 1-4 level, 1.25-450 ratio, and R, K series has been a greater ratio. Flender 90 Degree Bevel Gear Reducer B Series Applicable Conditions 1, high-speed shaft speed is not greater than 1500 to / min; 2, gear circumferential speed of not more than 20 m / s.; 3, working environment temperature is -40 °C - 45 °C, if less than 0 °C, before the start of the lubricating oil should be preheated to 0 °C.
Type Stage Size Ratio

Nomimal Power(KW)

Norminal Torque (kN.m)

Output Shaft Mounting

Helical Gearbox

H type

Single Stage3-191.25-5.634-39202.3-245

S: Solid Shaft

H: Hollow Shaft

D: Hollow shaft for shrink disk

K: Hollow shaft with involute spline, acc. to DIN5480

F: Flange shaft

V: Shaft d2 reinforced(on request)

H: Horizontal

M: Horizontal design without feet

V: Vertical

Double Stage4-266.3-2823-36866.3-880
Three Stage5-2622.4-11210-361811.6-900
Four Stage7-26100-4505-101019.6-900

Bevel Helical Gear box

B Type

Double Stage4-185-1446-38876.1-230
Three Stage4-2612.5-908-36185.5-900
Four Stage5-2680-4003-125911.2-900